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Mon-Tues 8am-7pm | Wed-Thur 8am-6pm | Fri 8am-4pm


Mon-Tues 8am-7pm

Wed-Thur 8am-6pm

Fri 8am-4pm



Therapy can be a successful process for many people who seek change. Sometimes time can get into the way of achieving treatment goals. Americans are very busy people and finding the time to 
“do something for yourself” can often be difficult at times. Finding time to come to treatment after work, before taking the kids to practice, or during lunch can be a challenge for some folks. Therapists often hear, “I would love to come more often to therapy, but I can’t find the time.”

Bearden Behavioral Health is delighted to announce a new therapeutic tool to help busy folks who seek the value of therapy but lack the time to participate. We now offer TeleTherapy. This is a method of treatment that is very similar to Skype or Facetime that many people are familiar. TeleTherapy is offered on our HIPPA compliant, secure website in which the client and therapist can log onto to the sight and meet during a designated time. This form of therapy allows the client to still speak and see his or her therapist while in the comfort of their own homes or from their own office or wherever the client feels comfortable.

TeleTherapy can be set up for 30 or 50 minute intervals to meet your needs. Our TeleHealth service is affordable and can be billed to most insurances. Please give our office a call to see how you can get the therapy you seek on the schedule that works for you.. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

We look forward to seeing you on TeleTherapy!