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Psychological Evaluations

Psychological Evaluations can be effective tools in clarifying an intellectual capacity, personality patterns or clinical diagnosis. Psychological testing is often requested to determine with quantitive certainty if a person struggles with diagnosis that may effect his or her ability to learn, work, or live independently.

Psychological evaluations can be requested by an individual who is curious about gaining insight into him/herself or by a school or court system. Testing results will often provide insight and awareness on the necessary treatment and living strategies to improve quality of life.

Diagnosis that are often assessed are Attention Deficit Disorder, Depression, Bipolar Disorder, dementia, Autism Spectrum Disorders, thought disorders, educational challenges, intellectual abilities, and Personality Disorders.

Anyone can request to have a psychological evaluation. Parents can make a request for testing of their child, a court can make a request and a school can also seek testing for a student. Psychological testing is reimbursed by most insurance companies as well. We do offer a cash rate for testing services as well.

The process of scheduling testing for our practice is as follows:

1. Call to set up an initial consultation for testing with our staff psychologist. At this time, you will be given instructions to fill out paperwork for the practice and be prepared to attend a one hour session for the psychologist to gather information to determine the type of testing tools that will be utilized on testing day. If you are a parent, seeking assessment for your child, both you and the child will need to be present for the initial consultation.

2. After the initial consultation with the psychologist, you will be set up with a time for the psychological assessment. This time frame is typically 2 to 2 1/2 hours long.

3. The psychologist will schedule a follow up appointment after testing to go over the results with you. This appointment is approximately an hour long and will include providing you with a written copy of the results.

To set up an appointment for psychological testing with our group, please call 865-212-6600.